March 22, 2008

Official Rock'n'Troll Trailer released

Blood, cloned superevil metrosexual mini zombie-tauren minions, dead murlocs, a lawnmower and Rock'n'Roll. Just a little taste of what is planned for "Rock 'n' Troll - the Movie".

>> Rock 'n' Troll Trailer @ WCM

HQ Download @ Filefront (45 mb)

>> I really recommend the Filefront version! No, really - Don't hurt your eyes with the Youtube stream...

If the Filefront DL doesn't work for some reason, here's the ugly YouTube version.

WCM link will follow as soon as it's approved.

March 19, 2008


... of course good musicians don't come with their tour bus these days - They spawn in the sky ...

Zob Rombie visits Lordaeron

5:25 AM: First scene is finally cut. Now let's add some salt, water and 60 hours of editing and there might me more to show.

March 18, 2008

Poff Peng - Session #2

Just another shot - featuring Baron Soosdon's gnome... thingy.

Poff Pew Peng!

Just playing around a bit with motiontracking and thinking about how to get the lawnmower scene to work. We'll need a lot of blood... a lot.

Almost forgot it:
There's a little Lip-Sync teaser up, but actually I really dont like the tracking yet.

March 17, 2008

Rock 'n' Troll Pre-Alpha-Teaser Stuff

... well, not even that, but we have to start somewhere I guess.

If you've ever been wondering what happens when trolls use trolls for a scene that's not just a little bit stolen from Braindead (aka "Dead Alive") you might consider visiting a doctor or wait untill Rock'n'Troll gets finished... some day.

Also a little colorization test: