March 22, 2008

Official Rock'n'Troll Trailer released

Blood, cloned superevil metrosexual mini zombie-tauren minions, dead murlocs, a lawnmower and Rock'n'Roll. Just a little taste of what is planned for "Rock 'n' Troll - the Movie".

>> Rock 'n' Troll Trailer @ WCM

HQ Download @ Filefront (45 mb)

>> I really recommend the Filefront version! No, really - Don't hurt your eyes with the Youtube stream...

If the Filefront DL doesn't work for some reason, here's the ugly YouTube version.

WCM link will follow as soon as it's approved.


Javier "Superthrust" Ledesma said...

so, what is the name of the song used? I MUST know...

Kilh said...

It's "Iron Head" from Rob Zombie (feat. Ozzy).

BassDino said...

Na brat mir n Elf, das ja hübsch. Ganz schön dunkel, sind vermutlich alles böse, harte Knochen, die da rocken.

Lieben Gruß