October 9, 2008

Welcome to the jungle

I know - abusing titles of worn out cock-rock songs ain't very creative, but I can't come up with something great every time ... or once ...
That aside, the trailer is of course still in the works, but the movie (and the trailer of course) make progress and looking at the current status, I'd say its only a few days until the first moving pictures are more or less releaseable.

Also: Hoodoo Shopping got reviewed on WoW Insider; unfortunately not by moo_money anymore, but in the end the idea of movies is to watch them and not to read them anyway, right?
So, instead of writing more and more weird words you don't want to see, I'll just leave you with some not-so-very-impressive-but-still-worth-posting pictures.

What are those murlocs up to, what does Raymond do in the jungle and why is there a dojo made of solid gold? Only the wind knows... and the metal boxes.

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