October 31, 2008

Shrieking Shorties

It's Oct. 31st and just as promised here it is:
(click me)

"Forgotten" got rewarded with the second place in the WCM Halloween contest, but looking at the first three places I'm very suprised that it had a chance. Lafawnduh and Caruu did a great job with "The Orchard" and Johan Vagstedt's "An Unusual Night" is simply amazing.
I really enjoyed all of this year's contest entries and I'm pretty suprised about the high quality. Good to see that WoW machinima is moving away from dancing orcs in Windows Movie Maker.


Hege Charlotte said...

Amen to that!

And I really enjoyed your submission. Hell, I even jumped at the end. lol.
Will there be a full-length? Or was this it?
Cheers, continue your work!

Phil D. Lirious said...

Great work, brother Kilh! I am impressed by your ability to change to more subtle horror (which as we all know is far more difficult than fishing for cheap laughs).
The only problem with that kinda stuff is the viewer's setting. I first saw "Forgotten" in the afternoon between two very relaxed cups of coffee, and the morning after under the influence of a very terrible hangover. Guess which experience might have been more scary... Although I had seen it before I got so terrified I puked spaghetti up through my nose (which is the most interesting experience you could ever imagine). I think it would be great if someone invented kind of a virtual hangover for this kind of intense whatever I think I get back to bed before that spaghetti-induced phenomenon strikes again...

Try to get some sleep this month, weirdo!

Kilh said...

At least for this year it's very unlikely that there'll be a "full length" version, hege charlotte, but it's not impossible for the future in general.

Sleep is the enemy!

Anonymous said...

where's Rock'n'Troll ?