September 6, 2008

EPIXX - Too Fast For Love

Update: Vimeo Stream's up!
So - I read about this machinima contest in BaronSoosdon's blog and unfortunately I decided to participate. So far that's not really anything special to write about, but the contest lasted from Jul. 31st to Sep. 6th. When I found out that there's a contest going on it was indeed the 2nd September.
Well... 3,5 days for a 36-day project ain't a problem, right?

I had quite exactly 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days, but - tada - it's finished. The downside of the timeframe is that I had no time to really work on the sound and - even worse - no time to find proper voiceactors. 90% of the voices are done by me (sounds horrible *shiver*) - luckily moo_money did the voiceacting for a gnome girl and she did that pretty well indeed - thanks for adding at least one good voice to the project!

Anyways - it's up on FileFront and I strongly recommend to not use the FF stream. If you really want to see it, use the Vimeo Stream or better - download it! It's only 150 MB anyway.

>> Download EPIXX - Too Fast For Love
from Filefront (150MB)

On a sidenote: The script was 100% written by BaronSoosdon so don't blame me for the lack of logic or ask me stupid questions like "why is there a huge SPACE ONION lading in Warsong Gulch?!" - the answer is:
I dont know.

On yet another sidenote: Rock'n'Troll will come, but probably not this very summer. That one is a huge project and as I want it a least a bit perfect'ish it'll take some more time. But it will be worth the effort - Just stay tuned.

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Joshua said...

That was the weirdest.... the most random.... the...

"How to Paladin" just got smashed into the dust.